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Steel-Sectional Garage Doors


Steel, sectional garage doors are considered by some to be the kingpin of all garage doors. These are the kinds of doors you see at Automotive Repair Facilities, Construction Crew sites that house the bigger equipment, and similar commercial situations. Companies that grow large enough to need steel, commercial, sectional doors are typically wise enough to know they have found their niche. They have learned that we all work better when we do what we do best. So unless the large business happens to be a garage door installation firm, they know they need to hire professionals to handle the installation process.

Commercial garage door and steel-sectional garage doors Atlanta installation can be a huge undertaking for a company who is not equipped or trained to do so. Needless headaches, countless frustrations, wasted wages on employees that could be handling your actual business, and potential damage to your facility, these are all things that your company could be destined for if you try to handle Commercial garage door installation in-house.

There are some marked advantages to choosing steel sectional doors for your commercial enterprises over rolling steel doors. While both types of doors have their advantages and disadvantages over each other, here are some advantages of choosing Steel Sectional Commercial Garage Doors.

  • Window allotments for sectional doors to increase visibility and light
  • Insulation possibilities are much more likely for sectional doors
  • Higher likelihood of pleasing aesthetics
  • More automatic or remote opener options
  • Easier steel-sectional garage doors installation
  • Some commercial doors can be made of more lightweight, but still sturdy aluminum
  • Automatic programmable safety stops if objects are underneath a closing door
  • More options for specialty features, like pass doors, break-away bottoms, and dock seals

You can probably see that there are many advantages to both major types of commercial steel garage doors. Which one is right for you and your business? How could you know? There are so many great options!

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