Garage door keypad

Garage Door Keypads


Of all garage door opener parts, keypads are potentially the most important, and flexible, level of security. Keypads operate like an electronic entry mode, or digital “key” for your garage. A keypad can be used in conjunction with, or in place of the wireless one-button clickers that are convenient.

Keypads are more secure than one-touch remotes, and they offer the flexibility of being able to change your entry codes. You can even have specific codes for all the members of your family. You could even set a guest code or use a temporary code for a friend you asked to housesit while you were on vacation.

Safety keypads have all but replaced the phrase “latch-key kids” in suburban America. The phrase may be vanishing, but the concept still remains. Actually wearing a house key around a lanyard can make your child a target for a predator, burglar, or attacker. What a nightmare! Avoid even the most remote of possibilities for this kind of scenario by installing a remote-free garage door keypad. It could not only be a convenient, hands-free way for your child to get home safely, but it could be the very thing that keeps them safe. Nothing really brings us more peace of mind than knowing our children are safe and accounted for. Give yourself that peace of mind with safety-based garage door keypads, like a keypad garage door opener. Installation is simple, and usage is easy to understand…but only for your family. This is due to the fact that you control the code, and figuratively, you “hold the key” to your family’s safety.

Or let’s say you like to go for a morning or evening job in your neighborhood. No need to dangle a key from your wrist, or try to keep it in a moving pocket. And there is no need to leave your home unlocked and unattended. Simply leave through the garage, and close the door behind you. When you finish your daily exercise, simply input the code on your keypad, and you are quickly, efficiently, and safely back inside your home.

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But there is no rule that says the interior door inside your garage has to be unlocked. You also have the option of hiding a key in the garage, or keeping the key on your own person. For some owners, the extra level of security is something they covet. Or perhaps you have lost or broken your remote clicker. Instead of having to park outside, or not use your garage for the span of time it takes to replace your clicker, your keypad is ready and waiting for you!

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