Installing a garge door next to brick house

Remote Control For Garage Door


Television was a very important invention. But the television remote, now that was an outstanding innovation. The same principle applies to garages and Remote Controls For Garage Doors. The first thing is great. But the second thing really enhances the experience you can have with the first thing. But what’s the worst thing that could happen if someone hacked your television remote? Maybe they make you watch 10 hours of The Wiggles. But if someone hacked your remote control for the garage door? Well, that is an altogether different issue. Your home, your vehicle, your possessions, and more importantly your family’s safety could be at risk! Some thieves have made their entire dirty fortune off stealing a remote control for the garage door, or stealing the code sequences from remote controls for garage doors.

You can keep a would-be intruder from stealing your remote controls for garage door by simply keeping it in a safe location. If it is located inside your car, consider keeping it hidden from plain view. Never keep it in the seat. If you have a hidden location that is inconspicuously accessible to only you, utilize that. If you have a place, even a place that you don’t appear to have to reach for, that could be a wise location for your remote controls for garage door. Most people tend to keep it on one of the two front sun-visors in their car. This is fine, as long as no one will have access to your cars visors. You should make sure that your visor is in place and intact at all times, especially when you leave your home.

But what could you possibly do about preventing someone from stealing your electronic code? Garage door remote controls emit a transmission that tells the door to either raise or lower, depending on the door’s previous location. First Choice Garage Doors prefers to install doors that utilize rolling code garage door openers. These openers are equipped with smart, advanced technology that alters the code combinations that your clicker will send to the receiver, and will tell it to open or close your door. Rolling code openers can have several rotating fields of code, or they can incur up the billions in varying, non-repeating code combinations. What this means for the user, is they simply press a button. What it means for would-be electronic code stealers and thieves is that they have NO CHANCE to crack the code, and they will never, ever be able to plunder your home when you leave, or while you sleep. Now that’s what we at First Choice call peace of mind!

Regardless what kind of garage door you would like installed, or how big of a job, First Choice Garage Doors will be there to help! Honest, professional, friendly service with reasonable pricing, fully insured craftsmanship, and quick response time is what you get with First Choice Garage Doors!

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