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Commercial Aluminum Garage Doors


Aluminum garage doors are often associated with contemporary styling in residential settings, or they are generally thought of as only being for commercial settings. While it is true that these two niches make up a large part of the aluminum garage door market, aluminum garage doors can offer many benefits to any and all types of consumers who seek their uses.

The high ratio of glass on most commercial aluminum garage doors can bring quite a stylish flair for residential AND commercial establishments. It is often easier to heavily insulate aluminum doors, making them highly cost efficient for heating and cooling costs. Custom effects in the glazing material possibilities, track style methods, and finish options make aluminum doors appealing to all types of consumers.

Commercial aluminum garage doors are also some of the highest rated types of garage doors for withstanding wind resistance. So if you have a home or business, or both, in hurricane-prone areas, aluminum garage doors may be your best bet! Various types of glazing, including DSB glass, tempered, clear Lexan, polycarbonate blends, wire glass, and Plexiglas options all offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to the style and amounts of visibility that your residential or Lithia Springs commercial aluminum garage doors can allow for. The finishes generally used in aluminum doors, including standard clear, anodized finishes, among others, can generate an outstanding amount of resistance to corrosion, and definitely keep maintenance costs down.

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