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Garage door are like newborns. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with them. But if it does, it could happen at any time! There’s no guarantee that you will have a garage door repair need in the convenient hours of the workday. In fact, it’s very likely that problems will arise in the middle of the night! So what would you do if you had a garage door emergency at 5am? Who would you call?! Well that’s easy! First Choice! First Choice Garage Doors is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when your garage door or garage door opener stops working, you can rest assured that First Choice will be there!

But you might be skeptical. Why in the world would somebody need 24/7 Garage Door Service? Can’t you just wait until the next business day to have your garage door fully functional? Well, until you have a Garage Door Emergency in the middle of the night, it might not really make sense to you! But these emergencies happen all the time!

Let’s say you’ve had a night out on the town. You pull in your driveway, you instinctively hit the button on your garage door opener, and the door opens just fine. But as soon as you get your car firmly inside, you hear a noise. What was that? Was it a screech? Did something get caught in the gears? Did the springs malfunction? Did the door come off the tracks? You don’t know! You’re not a garage door repairman! So you look at your remote button, a little more hesitantly this time, and push it. Nothing. Happens. What are you going to do?! You push the button again. You start to panic. Tomorrow is a work day, and it’s already 3am!

Sometimes an already closed garage door can malfunction in the middle of the night, even without you opening and closing it at 3am. For instance, your garage door cable could snap due to old age or colder temperatures, if this happens your door can’t be lifted to head back out to work in the morning. If it was a loud instance, you might hear it, and call a 24-hour repair service. Best case scenario, you’ve lost several hours of sleep, been scared half to death, and spend your workday tired, but functional. But what if it was a quiet problem? What if you didn’t find out about it until you left for work at say, 7:00 in the morning? OH NO! What can you do then?! No amount of tugging or pulling can fix your situation without ruining your garage door, or your garage door track!

First Choice Garage Door Repair service can Help in Douglasville and surrounding areas!

For business owners, or perhaps building managers, a properly operating garage door is vital to your business or building’s functionality. Did you get a call from an early arriving employee, or did you get to work early in the morning to open your business or building, and find your commercial garage door on the fritz? For businesses that MUST HAVE these doors to allow customers or deliveries inside, this is an emergency! Don’t let a broken garage door plummet your business day!

You could need garage door repair or garage door opener repair at any given time, day or night. You need a repairman who is available. You need a repairman who is honest. You need a repairman who will be there, and get your garage door working properly! You need honest, reliable service professionals who won’t hesitate to come to your rescue when you’re dealing with any garage door problems, like:

  • Broken Overhead Garage Door Springs
  • Torsion Spring Malfunction
  • Snapped or Snagged Garage Door Cables
  • Broken or Dented Rollers
  • Bent Track; Misaligned or Rusted Track
  • Section Panel Malfunction
  • Standard Garage Door Hardware Issues
  • Increasingly Noisy Garage Doors or Noisy Parts
  • Commercial Garage Doors Emergencies
  • Garage Door Opener Glitches
  • Weather Seal Breakdown
  • Smashed Garage Door Remotes

Regardless what kind of garage door emergency you have, or what time of the day or night that you have it, First Choice Garage Doors will be there to help! Honest, professional, friendly service with reasonable pricing, fully insured craftsmanship, and quick response time is what you need with an emergency garage door repair. First Choice Garage Doors is all those things, and so much more!

Give us a call or email us, and solve your Garage Door problems immediately!