Inside view of a garage door

Residential Steel Garage Doors


Residential steel garage doors are everything you immediately visualize when you imagine garage doors. Industrial building, automotive buildings, and giant warehouses might come to mind when you hear the phrase “residential steel garage doors.” But did you know that there are many wonderful options for steel in the residential realm of garage doors? Well, there are! Residential Steel has made major strides in flexibility, design, and functionality in the recent years. And First Choice Garage Doors is the premier company in metro Atlanta to call for any of your inquiry, repair, replacement, or brand new garage door situation you could possibly have!

Residential steel garage doors for residential uses have so many advantages. Let’s talk about a few!


Resistant to various climactic changes, sturdy, and usually more naturally insulated, residential steel garage doors have few equals in the world of garage doors. The durability of steel allows your garage door to be functional and attractive for years to come. And simply knowing that your garage and home are protected by an extra layer of reinforced steel can really help you sleep better at night.


With all that sturdiness, you might think that your steel garage door would be as heavy as a skyscraper, but that’s not the case at all! Residential steel garage doors are actually quite light, compared to what you might have in mind. There are more options in steel doors than ever before. Any color. Windows of nearly any kind. Or no windows at all for extra privacy. Standard panels with little fanfare. Multi-groove paneling that is laid on top of existing layers to add style, but maintain structural integrity. The possibilities are nearly endless! To discuss these options with any of our highly-trained, well-versed, experienced professionals, call First Choice Garage Doors. 678-761-4948.


Your new steel garage door is built to last! It’s material components, it’s structural design, and the high-quality parts that your door works in tandem with can very well last as long as you own your home! But it isn’t just the structure and function of your residential steel garage doors that will last, it’s also the design. No doubt you have spent, or will spend, countless hours agonizing over what design, pattern, and color scheme you want for your new garage door or garage door replacement. Shouldn’t the aesthetics of your door last as long as the curb-side design of your home? With residential steel garage doors, it can happen!

Get a door that’s functional. Get a door that’s stylish. Get a door that’s secure. Get a door that will sustain these attributes, and many more, for years to come! Make what is already a sound investment yield even more return than you thought possible. Invest in residential steel garage doors. And invest in First Choice Garage Doors, Metro Atlanta’s #1 garage door repair, replacement, and renovation Garage Door Company.

Regardless what kind of garage door you would like installed, or how big of a job, First Choice Garage Doors will be there to help! Honest, professional, friendly service with reasonable pricing, fully insured craftsmanship, and quick response time is what you get with First Choice Garage Doors!

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