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Fiberglass Garage Door


When you think fiberglass, you might think of Corvettes or motorized fishing boats. But did you know that garage doors can also be made of fiberglass?

A useful, if rarely utilized form of garage door, fiberglass garage doors are actually made of aluminum framing, and fiberglass sectioning. Like the reputation of Corvettes, fiberglass doors have the reputation of being much lighter than aluminum or steel doors. This has many virtues. For instance, if your automatic opener goes out, you have a better chance of manually operating a lighter door to open and close your garage space. Lighter doors are also easier on all the working parts that go into a fully functioning garage door. Fiberglass is also made to be resistant to expanding or contracting due to climactic change. These functions can really cut down on the potential for wear and tear that steel or aluminum garage doors can sometimes have.

And like your favorite uncle’s fishing boat, fiberglass garage doors are resistant to corrosion from salty air or water. So if your home happens to be in a saltwater climate, then a fiber glass door just might be for you! The fiberglass panels themselves also have a sort of translucence to light. This makes them useful doors for a boat or dock house, especially if it is near salty water, and you prefer not to have electric lights mounted in your docking station. Think you might need a fiber glass garage door, but don’t know where to start?

First Choice Garage Doors offers Fiberblass Garage Doors!

Metro Atlanta may not be the biggest market for residential fiberglass garage doors, primarily because our atmosphere does not have nearly the percentage of salt that you would expect at the ocean. And the downside of fiberglass materials and their resistance to expanding or contracting due to climactic changes is that the material can actually become quite brittle in dangerously cold weather. Fiberglass is also not a great insulator. And it can tend to “yellow” as it becomes older. These things don’t really factor in at the beach, but if you live or work in Metro Atlanta, the virtues of fiberglass might not outweigh the potentially adverse situations that could arise from having a fiber glass garage door in an environment that such products were not necessarily intended for.

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