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Garage Door Safety and Security


Garage doors have sometimes been viewed as a potential security risk for homes. This view is a possible one, but is not generally a plausible one. The fact is, your garage door will be exactly as secure as you want it to be. The professionals at First Choice Garage Doors will help you ensure the correct and necessary parameters of safety that will not only keep your door from being a greater security risk, but could very well make your garage door the most secure entry in your entire home entry system.

Four of the most common items that will be discussed with you by your garage door specialist en route to providing you with both physical security and mental peace of mind when dealing with your new, remodeled, or repaired garage door are the following:

Garage Keypads

Keypads operate like an electronic, or digital “key” for your garage. It can take the place of the wireless one-button clickers that are convenient, but can also be stolen, and used by anyone with the ability to press a button. Keypads are more secure, and offer the flexibility of changing codes, or having specific codes for every family member or anyone else that you decide needs access to your garage.

Garage Door Remotes

First Choice Garage Doors prefers to install doors that utilize rolling code garage door openers. These openers are equipped with smart technology that alters the code combinations that your clicker will send to the receiver, which will tell it to open or close your garage door. What this means for the user, is they simply press a button. What it means for would-be electronic code stealers and thieves is that they have NO CHANCE to crack the code, and plunder your house when you leave, or while you sleep.

Garage Door Locks

Dead bolt and spring locks are the two most common garage door locks, with dead bolt locks being one of the highest levels of available lock security. With this locking mechanism, the dead bolt is secured directly into the garage door frame. These locks come with manual function, and with remote function, for times when you just seem to have your hands full!

Maintenance Plans

The safety of your garage door is only as safe as the continual integrity of your garage door structure, as it affixes to your home’s foundation. Your garage door maintenance plan will need to include the testing and maintaining of all the vital items to ensure your Garage Door Safety and Security Lithia Springs. These can be relatively simple, or quite extensive. First Choice Garage Doors offers the option of not just setting up your garage door maintenance plan, but of actually carrying out the details of your plan, and ensuring you of the success of quandaries with your plan.

You were wise enough to add value and security to your home by adding, remodeling, or repairing your garage door. And you were savvy enough to consider ways to increase the safety of your home regarding your door. And as always, what you keep in your home is far more valuable than the exterior of your home could ever be. Let First Choice Garage Doors help you find real Garage Door Security, and real peace of mind. Call our trained professionals today. You don’t have to spend another night afraid!

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