Cables in the corner shot

Garage Door Cables


When it comes to replacing or repairing your garage door, would you know what to check for? Most of us have little to no idea what any of the garage door cables really do. We know that when we press a button, the door raises. And when we press the same button, the door closes. If your door is not functioning, or is not functioning well, you might not need to replace your entire door. But the only real way to know what you should do is to call the professionals at First Choice Garage Door. They will be there, in no time at all, with honest, friendly service. They will help you evaluate just what the problem is with your garage door, or garage door cables.

Garage door cables are one item that can really cause your entire door to operate poorly. The cables ensure smooth, seamless operation of the entire door. Usually, these cables are attached to a device called a “drum” that anchors the cable and helps it function. With garage door cable repair, there is the strong possibility that you may encounter torsion or extension spring systems. Without the proper tools and expertise, replacing or repairing your garage door cables can quickly become a nightmare that leaves your garage door in worse shape than when you started. The sheer weight of a garage door with faulty or missing cables can cause untold damage to the persons or property that might be in or around your garage door.

You may have faulty tension cables. You may have malfunctioning extension spring cables. You may have loose or fraying safety cables. You may actually have no idea what kind of garage door cables you have, you just know they are causing your garage door to function poorly. These cables can come in all shapes, styles, wire counts, anchor points, and tension requirements. These are all things you don’t want to have to deal with. But First Choice Garage Doors can turn a bewildering incubus into a garage door dream come true! Call us today, and we will handle any of your garage door cables Atlanta quandaries, including cables or anything else, with professional, courteous, fast, efficient, and long-lasting service! Why go anywhere else? Call First choice Garage Doors today!

Regardless what kind of garage door emergency you have, or what time of the day or night that you have it, First Choice Garage Doors will be there to help! Honest, professional, friendly service with reasonable pricing, fully insured craftsmanship, and quick response time is what you need with an emergency garage door repair. First Choice Garage Doors is all those things, and so much more!

Give us a call or email us, and solve your Garage Door problems immediately!